Proxy & VPN Blocker

WordPress Caching Plugins and Proxy & VPN Blocker, an explainer.

By Proxy & VPN Blocker / June 1, 2023 /

Many WordPress websites, possibly even your own, run Caching Plugins to help speed up the loading of pages for the visitor. Unfortunately for Plugins like Proxy & VPN Blocker, this can have some serious consequences. Please note that Proxy & VPN Blocker requires the ability to check the visitor’s IP address before the page is…

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Extra Protection for Your Store

By Proxy & VPN Blocker / May 24, 2022 /

If you operate an online store using WordPress (e.g., WooCommerce), you understand the risks of payment fraud. You may have been affected by it yourself. The fees from unexpected chargebacks can be especially high. As you may well know, Proxies and VPN’s provide anonymity, especially to people who wish to commit payment fraud. Proxy &…

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