WordPress Caching Plugins and Proxy & VPN Blocker, an explainer.

Many WordPress websites, possibly even your own, run Caching Plugins to help speed up the loading of pages for the visitor.

Unfortunately for Plugins like Proxy & VPN Blocker, this can have some serious consequences.

Please note that Proxy & VPN Blocker requires the ability to check the visitor’s IP address before the page is served to them. This allows us to be able to block or allow the visitor depending on whether they are a Proxy, VPN or other type of visitor, depending on your configuration.. However, when a WordPress Cache Plugin is active, it can sometimes bypass the normal execution flow of WordPress, including our Plugin’s IP check.

Caching Plugins work by storing a static copy of a webpage to improve performance and reduce server load. While this caching process significantly speeds up page delivery, it can occasionally interfere with dynamic elements that rely on real-time information, such as the visitor’s IP address.

As a result, if a WordPress Cache Plugin is in use, certain features of our Plugin that depend on IP-based checks may not function as intended. This can include blocking on Pages & Posts.

To ensure optimal compatibility and functionality, we recommend either disabling the Cache Plugin or configuring it to exclude the pages or sections where Proxy & VPN Blocker is active. This way, visitors can fully experience all the features and benefits our plugin offers.

Some Caching Plugins allow you to use the function “Late Init” or similar and this helps to bypass this issue.

It is also important to note that WordPress sites installed on OpenLiteSpeed or LiteSpeed based servers can function quite well with Proxy & VPN Blocker if the Litespeed Cache WordPress Plugin is also installed.

We understand the importance of performance optimization through caching, but since our plugin relies on real-time visitor information, it’s essential to consider this limitation. If you have any further questions or need assistance with the configuration, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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