Proxy & VPN Blocker features

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Blocks Proxies & VPN's

Block Proxies, VPN's and other Unwanted Visitors. Protect Login/Registration Pages, Admin Area, Comments and more!

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Blocks Countries/Continents

Block access from specific countries or continents with IP Geolocation data. 

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Detection Sensitivity

Control the sensitivity of the IP detection and check for active proxies up to the last 60 days


Restrict Pages & Posts

It's possible to secify Pages & Posts that you want to hide from Unwanted Visitors.

*Blocking on Specific Pages & Posts may not work with some caching plugins

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Highly Customisable

Edit the message on the default block page, use a specific page. Alternatively redirect blocked visitors to a URL.

(Other Options available in Proxy & VPN Blocker Premium)

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Block on All Pages

You may opt to block Unwanted Visitors from your entire site.

*Block on All Pages may not work with some caching plugins

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IP Risk Score Support

Supports Risk Scores. This is to allow certain IP's through if their risk score falls below your specified maximum.

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Caching of Good IP's

A Good IP Address is cached for 30 minutes by default. This is so they are not constantly rechecked. Bad IP Addreses are not cached.

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Cloudflare & TLS Support

Cloudflare is supported by the Plugin, all queries made to the API are encrypted as standard.

Or, Go Premium With Extra Features

Made for

Proxy & VPN Blocker has been designed to fully support all API features provided by and with ease of use from within your WordPress Dashboard.

  • Free users without an API Key

    100 Daily Queries

  • Free users with an API Key

    1,000 Daily Queries

  • Paid users with an API Key,

    10,000 to 10.24 Million+ Daily Queries