Extra Protection for Your Store

If you operate an online store using WordPress (e.g., WooCommerce), you understand the risks of payment fraud. You may have been affected by it yourself. The fees from unexpected chargebacks can be especially high.

As you may well know, Proxies and VPN’s provide anonymity, especially to people who wish to commit payment fraud.

Proxy & VPN Blocker WordPress Plugin can restrict access to Proxies (and optionally VPN’s) on specific pages, this means that you are able to add the Cart and Checkout page to the blocked pages list. This also works with IP Address Risk Scores so you can allow them through if the IP Address Risk Score is low enough, this way you can allow people through with more reputable VPN Services.

Proxy & VPN Blocker also works with the extremely powerful Custom Rules feature provided by the proxycheck.io API.

Our Paid Plugin, Proxy & VPN Blocker Premium also supports Disposable Email Checking for new registrations on your site, providing an additional layer of security.

We can significantly reduce payment fraud committed through anonymising services.. We have used our Proxy & VPN Blocker Plugin to protect our own sales of proxycheck.io plans and sales of our Proxy & VPN Blocker Premium Plugin.

Proxy & VPN Blocker is free for the standard version and proxycheck.io is free for 1,000 daily queries, paid plans with more queries are available with a discount for our Plugin users when bought directly with us.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, We hope that Proxy & VPN Blocker can help you.