Discounted plans

When purchasing a Starter, Pro, or Business plan from this page with our exclusive discount of approximately 20%, you'll be directly contributing the full amount to the Proxy & VPN Blocker Plugin Developer.

For reference, you can verify the regular pricing on the pricing page.

Before proceeding, ensure you have a free account set up at, which can be obtained by signing up if you haven't already. Once your purchase is complete, use your API Key within the Plugin settings and provide the API key to use when making the purchase so that we can apply your queries to your account.

Should you wish to renew your plan and maintain the discounted price, simply return to this page when approaching your plan's expiry date. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Note: You must provide your API Key or registered Email Address when making a purchase here, this is to avoid further delays in processing your order as we need this to be able to provision your paid plan.

Please make sure you provide this when ordering. Thank you!

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Daily Queries Burst Tokens Custom Rules Custom Lists STARTER
10K 3 9 5 $32.89 $26.00 One Year
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20K 3 11 6 $43.89 $35.00 One Year
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40K 3 15 7 $54.89 $44.00 One Year
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Daily Queries Burst Tokens Custom Rules Custom Lists PRO
80K 5 20 10 $76.89 $61.00 One Year
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160K 5 25 12 $109.89 $88.00 One Year
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320K 5 30 15 $142.89 $114.00 One Year
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Daily Queries Burst Tokens Custom Rules Custom Lists BUSINESS
640K 6 50 20 $219.89 $176.00 One Year
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1.28M 6 50 25 $384.89 $308.00 One Year
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2.56M 6 60 30 $549.89 $440.00 One Year
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