Proxy & VPN Blocker Premium Changelog

1.12.0p - October 1st 2022

  • Added Newly Announced Cloudflare Turnstile option for CAPTCHA challenge.
  • Fixed missing page title for CAPTCHA Challenge and Block Pages.
  • Slight alterations to CSS on CAPTCHA challenge page.
  • Fixed layout issue that would appear on the Captcha Challenge page when using the Invisible reCAPTCHA option.
  • Corrected link in settings for the installation and configuration FAQ page on the Proxy & VPN Blocker Website.

1.11.4p - August 6th 2022

  • Fix for an incorrect Variable name that may result in a PHP Warning.

1.11.3p - July 11th 2022

  • Refinement to layout of Captcha Challenge page.

1.11.2p - July 2nd 2022

  • Correction for cleanup on uninstall option issue.
  • Further refinement to layout of Captcha Challenge and Block page.

1.11.1p - July 1st 2022

  • Correction for layout on Captcha challenge page if hCaptcha is the currently selected option.

1.11.0p - June 30th 2022

  • Fixed layout issues that may be caused by some frontend themes on the front end block page and captcha page..
  • Integration of reCAPTCHA V2 and V3 options for Captcha Challenge Page.
  • Decreased how long before recheck for Plugin update from 1 day to 8 hours.
  • Update check will now also be performed if Plugin settings are altered.

1.10.2p - June 4th 2022

  • Fix for Country/Continent Blocking Issue that resulted in an error.

1.10.1p - June 1st 2022

  • Minor fix for the settings UI not working if WordPress SCRIPT_DEBUG is set to true.
  • Settings page dark theme adjusted.

1.10.0p - May 28th 2022

  • Corrected Blacklist & Whitelist editor in Proxy & VPN Blocker Settings, the API endpoint for this feature was recently changed and the status messages are now different, this was resulting in a "failed to add/remove" error message even though the change was made successfully.
  • Debugging page in Proxy & VPN Blocker Settings now tests if the API is successfully reachable.
  • Minor code improvements.

1.9.3p - April 14th 2022

  • Fixed issue relating to the editing of blacklist/Whitelist from within Proxy & VPN Blocker Premium Plugin. You would get an "Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page." error instead of being redirected back to the Blacklist/Whitelist page.

1.9.2p - April 5th 2022

  • Altered CSS loading function and some CSS styling for the frontend Captcha and Default Block Page due to the potential of causing conflicts with some WordPress themes.
  • Made queries appear as though they are being made to a unique API url each time by way of a unique id being appended so as to avoid issues with server caching affecting rechecks.

1.9.1p - February 22nd 2022

  • Altered how the query tag is reported to as to remove 'https://', 'http://' and 'www.' from the URL that is displayed in the log.
  • Changed text below the API Key Field in Settings.
  • Some Code Cleanup.

1.9.0p - February 16th 2022

  • Implemented new default block page. This replaces the old default block page that used wp_die()
  • Implemented a blocking option that can display a Captcha to visitors that would otherwise be blocked, if the captcha is passed successfully then the visitor is able to view the requested page. Additionally this can be set to only be seen by VPN users while Proxy users are still blocked.
  • Default Block Page and Captcha page can be customised with a background and logo.
  • Improved selector on Block Action settings page so that you know what blocking mode the plugin is currently using.
  • Added support for the new disposable email checking feature. This can be used to screen user registrations against a database of disposable email domains. Note that this does cost an extra API Query on user registration.
  • Fixed a display issue on the Statistics page in settings if API Dashboard Access was turned off in Dashboard.
  • Deprecated the ability to disable TLS (https) on queries.